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About Thaihomeaway

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Updated 30 November 2016

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Thaihomeaway is a company which offered a room accommodation booking in Hua Hin city with more than 200 rooms to select through easy access website with high security system. The company establishes in 2011, which operate for more than 6 years now. We have the expert staff who can give you an advice on tourist attractions or car rental information with reasonable price to ensure your holiday will be more memorable than what you expected.

We coordinate with world leading accommodation search engine such as Booking.com, Agoda, Expedia, AirBNB, Flipkey, Sawadee, CTrip and Asia Travel. Moreover, we got excellent scores from the reviews of customers through Tripadvisor, Booking.com and Agoda

Thaihomeaway is a reliable company which connected to all kinds of alliance network. We offer hotels, accommodations and other services in order to deliver the best price to customers. Our goal is to assist all travelers to travel with more joyful in affordable price. The fact that we own the hotels, we can offer the customers the best hotel rates more than other booking channels.

Security System

Our website, Thaihomeaway chooses Bangkok Bank as a partner to manage the payment due to Bangkok Bank uses high standard of security system in technology and confidential data hacking protection procedure. The bank has extremely invested on money, time and personnel to ensure that the website is up to most secure system. Be sure that your data and information is secured due to the computer system of the bank use below protection measurement.


The bank use multi-layer firewall which aim to protect the system itself as well as customer’s data. It can be compared as a soldier guards at the door and strictly unauthorized the invader’s access.

Intrusion Detection Software

The bank use Intrusion Detection Software to verify and will send an e-mail notification immediately to the user once it finds unusual movement in the system.

Security Socket Layer (SSL)

SSL access to the data by convert the data into the numeric coding. This applies to the data customers send to the bank and the bank send to the customers to be confident that the data was protected securely.

256 bit data encryption

Bangkok Bank select 256 bit data encryption, the highest level of encryption of world’s banking industry currently for the services of Bualuang iBanking, Electronic Bill Presentment, Bill payment and other finance services, such as Biz iBanking, Corporate iCash, Bualuang iFund, Bualuang iCustody, Bualuang iPay and Merchant iPay (hereafter will be called as E-Banking). This technology is used for any transactions through internet banking. Besides, all users require a registration before use the service.

The bank regularly tests and develops technology system to assure the security and confidentially of customer data and information.

Hotline : +66.97.920.7200
Email : contact@thaihomeaway.com
Line : @thaihomeaway
Facebook : Thaihomeaway

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Booking online has never been easier at Thaihomeaway. This guide will take you through every step; from check room availability, book and pay securely in just a few minutes!


Thai Homeaway offers private transfer services to Hua Hin from our partner service. You can simply book a transfer from Bangkok Airport Bangkok central area, your Bangkok hotel to our apartment in Hua Hin.